Know your worth

For digital designers, understanding job titles and compensation can be confusing. In July, we launched a survey to help the Philly design community better understand fair pay. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the results.

This is a project by Dan, Lauren, and Tony, three designers working in Philadelphia. Our goal is to demystify salaries and job titles for designers in the Philadelphia community, so that we can better understand our worth and how we can advocate for ourselves and our peers. To do that, we've designed a brief survey that should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey will ask for basic information about your current salary, benefits, and job responsibilities, as well as specific demographic information such as gender identification, sexuality, racial/ethnic identification, and disability status.

We're specifically asking for this information in order to:

  • build an understanding of the salary data when it comes to underrepresented groups in our community
  • visualize and discuss any notable pay disparities that may emerge
  • provide you with a point of reference for what your skills are worth to employers

We understand that all of this information can be extremely sensitive. All responses will be anonymous (more on that below). We won't ask you for your email address or name.

These sensitive questions are required, but free response in order to allow you to use language that is most meaningful to you.

Results will be presented largely in two sections, Compensation Profiles and Overall Trends:

Compensation Profiles: We'll be creating profiles from based on clusters of responsibilities, salary data, and experience level. You might expect to see profiles along the lines of "Entry-level Designer at an Agency" or "In-house Design Lead."

Sample job

Senior UX/UI Designer

Employed at: an agency

Years of experience: 5

Manages team members: no

Salary distribution

Overall Trends: A critical part of this work is to understand how compensation disparity intersects with demographics in our design community. We expect to do a comparative analysis that will visualize trends in order to make data understandable and actionable.

We realize that the information we’re collecting is sensitive. We will not:

  • collect or store any identifying information (e.g., name, email) alongside the survey data
  • share the raw data with anyone outside of our analysis team
  • present data in any format that allows a single person's response to be identifiable

If you have questions about how your data will be handled, contact us at:
phillydesigncomp AT gmail DOT com

We expect to collect responses in July of 2019 and provide results by the end of the summer or early fall 2019.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with this project and its results, provide your email address below: